This is an Eclipse Phase (actually pre-Eclipse Phase) game using the Fate Accelerated Edition rules. We’ll transition to the Transhuman Fate rules when they are released, and after our story has progressed to join in the larger setting. For now, our characters are playing with other points in history.

Check the Main Page for setting details, and be sure to check out the Characters and Adventure Log for what has been happening.

House Rules

Also, check out Fate SRD crafted by wizardoest.

Game Aspects

  • Survival Horror
  • What Is This Place?

Setting Aspects

  • Moon-Studded Sky
  • Overrun with Strange Beasts
  • Frequent Seismic Activity
  • Unknown Fantastic Technologies

Scenario Aspects

  • What Happened to Us?
  • So Very Hungry
  • Deprived of Adequate Sunlight

Prep Aspects

  • Cache of crude polearms ☐☐☐
  • Stash of clean water ☐☐☐
  • Pile of flimsy shields ☐☐☐
  • Vat chamber defenses ☐☐☐
  • Collection of mossy substance ☐☐☐☐
  • Strange Treasure from the “Underdwellers”
  • Assorted Container Boxes