Eclipse Fate

Wherein our characters find more areas beyond the wall

Wherein our characters find more areas beyond the wall

Characters present: Lotney Fratelli, Craddock, Kerzek, and Farvolfs Switchtail

Gathering folks (and moss)

Lotney: I was practicing a rather fast tai chi kata when Craddock and Kerzek return from exploring the caves and seek out assistance. I volunteer, as does the scientist Farwolfs. Before departing Craddock inspires folks to continue to gather moss with violent words.

Intelligent Algae: We continue our plans for world domination. The beast who carries us is rich with food and we are loathe to leave, however all the beast does is move in circles. When the winged fool asks for assistance we try to call out to him. For a moment his eyes catch us, but he quickly turns away. We decide to trek to the small pink hill where perhaps we can get his attention and use him to our agenda.

Getting the lights on (fixing the waterfall for hydro power)

Lotney: We are led to a room with a waterfall, a bridge that runs over said water, and a wall on the opposite end with odd metallic doors. Some form of mechanism seems to be broken as the top of the waterfall, with parts scattered along the water’s bottom.

I devise a series of buoys to mark out a search grid in the water. It is obvious that my companions would rather do things with more haste and recklessness. Anywho, Kerzek and I scour the bottom while the others search out the top. We get the mechanism working and torches(?) flicker to light while metal spiders scurry towards the doors.

One thing that I note is the location of Dectacles stash. He retrieved a rather large spring straight out of my paws and made it his own. Perhaps he had been looking for his missing … spring?

Intelligent Algae: In is so obvious that these parts are useless! Why does the beast keep collecting them?!

Slowly defeating lasers

Lotney: With the cavern flooding with light and a low hum, Craddock comments that the “light ray things” have healed and are once again dangerous. We test out their reflexes and find them agile and attentive. Thinking that perhaps their eyes tracked movement, I worked my way slowly to where they rested at the top of the wall and smeared them with algae from my body.

Intelligent Algae: The thrum of electricity courses through the complex and we desire that power. We prompt our host forward and deeper. The stupid thing nearly disposed of us but fortunately at the last minute we manipulated him into using our neighbor instead, who deserved to be left to die for having that awful cockroach living with them.

The chute goes down, and avoiding the blood (smoke) monster

To come.

Telepathic furry lizard speaks broken English

To come.

Wherein our characters explore the technological area and take home spoils

To be updated by Dave or Jason.

Wherein our cast try to breach the high-tech area

Wherein our cast try to breach the high-tech area

Having found the fantastical metal wall, with all its geometric patterns, and having been attacked by the Bhorkenbyg, our party regroups to prepare themselves before trying to breach the metal wall, again.

Craddock rallies folks to work on various projects, such as:

  • Fishing
  • Making crude spears
  • Testing and maybe eating the glowing growth
  • Boiling more water to start a water supply
  • Making shields out of animal remnants
  • Performing testing and research on the vats
  • Deploying more webbing to protect the “vat chamber”

Our party also ventures outside to try to get some more food. While hunting, they are surrounding by a small pack of Wohrgnaal, which overwhelm them with foul stench before trying to overwhelm them with numbers. Craddock summons a pair of Kunahik and a flock of flying birds to assist, and then pulls Kerzek into the air, after he struggles a bit with fighting off the group that is closing in on him. Hallus uses a concoction to stun the Wohrgnaal, but also scares some of the birds away, too.

The party is able to take down a couple Wohrgnaal before the rest run off. They harvest what meat they can, trying to avoid it becoming tainted by the animals’ foul-scent producing glands.

After returning the meat to the Vat Chamber “camp” and having some food and water, they prepare to breach the metal wall, again. The door they had been trying to enter before is blocking with various refuse, the same type that was underwater in Dectacles’s lair. Using glowing lights, and having Craddock fly around, they make sure that no more creatures have the drop on them.

They avoid the blocked portal/door, and check the other. After discovering a simple pattern, touching it causes the door to slide open. A sour smell wafts out from beyond the door.

It’s dark. They check inside, and immediately an intense blast of light strikes the ground, barely missing them. It scorches and leaves a mark in the metal ground. They try tossing in more bioluminescent globes, to catch a better glimpse of the situation. These, too, are quickly blasted and destroyed.

They clear the other door, and come up with a plan. Recruiting the help of the fastest in their group, they test the metal creature? device? that is emitting the light beams. While Arliv runs, Craddock tries to pin the opponent with a glaive, and Hallus splashes it with an acidic concoction. The device repeatedly tries to blast Arliv, but Hallus and Craddock are able to destroy it before it can do so.

The group steps away, to once again, regroup.

Wherein our cast investigate the chamber with the metal bridge and wall.

Having uncovered the strange new area, our characters to decide to explore it and see about getting some water and food.

Throwing bioluminescent spheres about the chamber (and sticking them to the surfaces), as well as having Craddock fly around and inspect things, they find out a few things.

  • At the top of the “waterfall” the glow is coming from a type of algae, fungus, or moss that is growing profusely
  • The waterfall isn’t very much water actually, and seems to be being pulled up from below before trickling in a thin but wide stream over the edge and into the pool and stream below
  • There are pale, translucent fish that swim in the pool, and appear to eat the glowing growth
  • The metal wall across the bridge has a couple of what appear to be doorways, as well as a great amount of geometric patterns and lines at various parts

As they are investigating, some strange events happen. First, a small “wedge” flies up from the water and lands on the ledge near them. Later, a sphere. Finally, a piece of rope. As they investigate (and Craddock goes spear-fishing), they encounter a roughly person-sized cephalopod in the water, which has been throwing the items at? to? near? them.

Later, as Craddock approaches the water, the cephalopod comes out of the water and closely mimics the shape and coloration of Craddock, molding it’s 10 tentacles into the shape of Craddock’s limbs and legs, and it’s body into the shape of Craddock’s head and torso. They tentatively name it “Dectacles”.

They test some of the water and fish, and find that they are both safe and palatable, so a little bit of nourishment reaches the people, who are quickly becoming famished. Hallus uses the glowing remnants in the fishes stomach (from the growth in the cave) to make the rope glow. He throws it to “Dectacles”, who investigates it and later throws it back.

Next, they decide to try to enter one of the doorways on the metal wall, but as they do so, some ten-foot wide monstrous bugs fall out of holes in the wall above, pouncing on the party. They battle the Bhorkenbyg. The Bhorkenbyg fight in teams, trying to pin and bite the party, but the group brings the battle to the bridge, where they are able to knock the Bhorkenbyg into the water. A satisfying “crunch” noise is heard shortly after each splash, and Hallus sees bits of Bhorkenbyg floating away, as he hears Dectacles munch on the remains.

Finally, as they decide to avoid the portals, for now, a gland flies up out of the water, landing near Hallus. He takes it to use for later.

Wherein our cast run away from a bug onslaught and uncover a strange underground cavern.

Wherein our cast run away from a bug onslaught and uncover a strange underground cavern.

Having endured a recent surge in “beetle” swarms, the group takes some time to recover and plan its next move. Symleena leads an effort to dig through the cave corridor that collapsed at the start of the adventure.

Eventually, Kerzek, Craig, and Farvolfs Switchtail decide to venture out, with Hallus hanging behind near the cave entrance. Off a tip from Hallus, Kerzek, still in a psychedelic haze, leads the group through the woods toward the water. Along the way, they’re stopped abruptly by a figure with chitinous skin who is marching toward the cave. Though partially masked with chitinous material themselves, the group fails to convince the “beetle”-brain of their belonging to the “collective”, and violence ensues.

They escape (Craig narrowly) and hastily return to the cave to warn the others. As they approach, it’s clear they’re too late. Two chitinous Nephentroll and two tall creatures with large bladed arms, angular carapaces, and spidery legs are approaching the cave entrance.

In a series of close calls, the group manages to get beyond the invaders. Craig slows down the Nephentrolls by aggravating their unbugged kin in the swamp with a lofty shot. Farvolfs insists on having a go at the towering bladed creatures. He holds his own quite well before scurrying off into the cave after the others.

Amidst the chaos, Hallus retreated into the cave to warn the others, and earthquake tremors aided in the digging effort to reveal a narrow passage for retreat.

Having very few options at this point, the group opts to venture into the unknown. They find themselves in a large chamber with a sharp drop-off that cuts down to a river below, and spanning the river is a metal bridge unlike anything they’ve ever seen. Afraid to approach, some rock bowling reveals that there are small mechanical creatures that destroy and clear debris from the bridge. Kerzek finds that they seemingly ignore him, however, and crosses safely. The rest of the group follows.

Wherein our cast talk to and begin to uncover the mystery of the chitinous beings.

Wherein our cast talk to and begin to uncover the mystery of the chitinous beings.

Craddock and Hallus leave the cave to investigate what looks like a giant bonfire that is roaring dangerously-near to the forested areas. They find the missing Sulobo, but he is covered in chitinous skin like, similar to the carapaces that the party found in the cave.

Sulobo is acting strangely, and seems to be offering the fire to the people as some sort of offering. Craddock is able to determine more from Sulobo through discussion, but has to reveal a little bit about their defenses in the process of doing so. The insects have taken over Sulobo—at least to some degree—through neural manipulation. When it’s determined that the insects have some sort of hive mind, and that Sulobo couldn’t be “freed” without his dying, Craddock attacks.

Hallus and Craddock are able to defeat insect-Sulobo and kick him into the fire.

As they alert the others and try to put out the bonfire before it destroys the island, the insects mount a sort of counter-attack, with swarms coming after the characters and trying to get past the defenses.


After hearing about the vat chamber, Symleena starts a project to engineer a foothold within the caves. After waking a few more choice candidates up to help, she starts on a series of improvements.

Bio-luminescent lights are deployed throughout the vat chamber, as well as a path out of the caves. A protected turtle-shell corridor is started, which, if completed, will provide safe passage from the vat chamber through the caves, across the water, and out to the open. Silk-webbing is deployed around the entrances to the vat chamber, hoping to catch and deter “beetle” swarms that keep approaching the chamber.

After helping to wake survivors from the vats, Craddock does his best to organize the combat capable into a militia and hunting parties. Those with the most experience and respect are asked to lead hunts or watches. Hunts consist of seeking food sources in an armed and organized fashion, including fishing, foraging and seeking larger prey that can be harvested for meat. Watches are generally stationed on high promontories or in large trees to watch for Talojhum and to allow for sniping of terrestrial creatures such as Nephentroll. Craddock sticks to the skies as much as possible, and communes with any avian creatures and Kunahik to ask for assistance in keeping watch. Birds are organized around the perimeter of the cave entrance to act as an alarm system in case predators come too close.

These projects—and the people working on them—are endangered continually by the Nochleen and insects. At least two have gone missing: Sulobo and one of those in Symleena’s engineering crew.

Wherein our cast emerge from underground to find a frightening world.

Wherein our cast emerge from underground to find a frightening world.

Another room is discovered, up and behind the Chrysalis room, wherein a myriad of diverse characters are in some sort of stasis in vats. Craddock frees one of them, and makes his way out to meet with the others, who are still struggling with Morno’s odd behavior.

Craddock, who is winged, flies the others all across the water and out to the cave entrance. Stepping outside, they find a sky that is littered with small satellites, rather than a large moon that they remember. The nearby terrain includes swampy areas and woods. They find that they are in a small archipelago of sorts.

Vividly-colored Kunahik charge after earth-toned ones as the characters search the area for more information. Talojhum come after the characters, as does a large Nephentroll. Our characters dispatch most of the Talojhum through combat, though Morno is once again taken out as he gets in the way of a Nephentroll who is trying to gobble up the snakes. Through application of poison to a snake, Hallus buys the party time to get away from the Nephentroll, and they retreat.

As Morno perishes, a beetle-like insect leaves his body, tries to climb onto Hallus’s, but is brushed away.

Wherein our cast awaken in a strange situation, and do battle with the elements and strange beasts.

Wherein our cast awaken in a strange situation, and do battle with the elements and strange beasts.

Earthquakes tremor, awakening our characters from their slumber. They find themselves stuck in chrysalises of some sort and break their way out, revealing a large cave room that is also inhabited by swarms of beetle-like insects and Nochleem. Falling rocks bar a passage and also injure Morno. Battles ensue between the insects and Nochleen, wherein our characters witness the insects swarming action and the Nochleen’s bursts of fire. Morno further engages these creatures and is taken out.

The rest of the characters make their way through the cavern, witnesses skeletal and chitinous remnants of various shapes that they are unfamiliar with. Giant stalactites and stalagmites pervade the caves, wider ones than they would ever have imagined. They make it to a large body of stagnant water, which stands between them and daylight. As they plan to cross, Morno stumbles awkwardly towards them.


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