What is Remembered

There was a great war, with two factions dominating the conflict and bending all peoples to advance their purposes.

During the height of the war, there was a monumental period of upheaval, where the world was torn asunder. Things became unstable, with vast land areas coming loose, caverns swallowing cities, and ports drifting into the sea. Reliable access to resources, including fresh water, became difficult. It threw the worldwide conflict into disarray, but the people as well.

People were both liberated from the war, but also challenged in this vastly differing geological and political landscape. There was a period of not only rapid scientific advances, but also of reckless disregard for consequences.

Experimentation was rampant. While no traditional flying technology (or advanced mechanical engineering) was ever developed, there were great advances in other areas, including genetics and chemistry. Animals and transanimals quickly became hunted both for their glands and for genetic samples. Extractions and mixes were made from glands of naturally- and unnaturally-occurring species and from geologically-released compositions. Genetic samples were used to make hybrid animals and to alter or the physiological characteristics of people.

While people were still generally recognizable as such, these physiological changes had allowed many people to develop psychic abilities and/or take on some of the most useful aspects of animals. Some peoples secluded themselves (either on purpose, or because the new geography caused it to be so). Other peoples kept cosmopolitan ways, with great diversity in the peoples. However, some hybrid combinations—such as mouse, mole, or ox people—became common and created their own communities and cultures.

Yet, still, the world had fared poorly due enduring worldwide war, geological catastrophe, and rampant experimentation and abuse. Something had to change.

Due to advances in biochemistry, people’s lives essentially became immortal, being able to repair their DNA, etc. Reproduction and production became forbidden.

There has been a society of people underground since pre-clataclysm, and there are rumors that they could have caused or contributed to the cataclysm.

It was remembered that our people’s were actually of stock that went through a pupae stage and cocooned before coming adults. These cocoons were where genetic material were normally placed. In fact, it was determined how to re-cocoon as adults.

What is Remembered

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