Eclipse Fate


Wherein our characters find more areas beyond the wall

Wherein our characters find more areas beyond the wall

Characters present: Lotney Fratelli, Craddock, Kerzek, and Farvolfs Switchtail

Gathering folks (and moss)

Lotney: I was practicing a rather fast tai chi kata when Craddock and Kerzek return from exploring the caves and seek out assistance. I volunteer, as does the scientist Farwolfs. Before departing Craddock inspires folks to continue to gather moss with violent words.

Intelligent Algae: We continue our plans for world domination. The beast who carries us is rich with food and we are loathe to leave, however all the beast does is move in circles. When the winged fool asks for assistance we try to call out to him. For a moment his eyes catch us, but he quickly turns away. We decide to trek to the small pink hill where perhaps we can get his attention and use him to our agenda.

Getting the lights on (fixing the waterfall for hydro power)

Lotney: We are led to a room with a waterfall, a bridge that runs over said water, and a wall on the opposite end with odd metallic doors. Some form of mechanism seems to be broken as the top of the waterfall, with parts scattered along the water’s bottom.

I devise a series of buoys to mark out a search grid in the water. It is obvious that my companions would rather do things with more haste and recklessness. Anywho, Kerzek and I scour the bottom while the others search out the top. We get the mechanism working and torches(?) flicker to light while metal spiders scurry towards the doors.

One thing that I note is the location of Dectacles stash. He retrieved a rather large spring straight out of my paws and made it his own. Perhaps he had been looking for his missing … spring?

Intelligent Algae: In is so obvious that these parts are useless! Why does the beast keep collecting them?!

Slowly defeating lasers

Lotney: With the cavern flooding with light and a low hum, Craddock comments that the “light ray things” have healed and are once again dangerous. We test out their reflexes and find them agile and attentive. Thinking that perhaps their eyes tracked movement, I worked my way slowly to where they rested at the top of the wall and smeared them with algae from my body.

Intelligent Algae: The thrum of electricity courses through the complex and we desire that power. We prompt our host forward and deeper. The stupid thing nearly disposed of us but fortunately at the last minute we manipulated him into using our neighbor instead, who deserved to be left to die for having that awful cockroach living with them.

The chute goes down, and avoiding the blood (smoke) monster

To come.

Telepathic furry lizard speaks broken English

To come.


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