Eclipse Fate


Wherein our cast try to breach the high-tech area

Wherein our cast try to breach the high-tech area

Having found the fantastical metal wall, with all its geometric patterns, and having been attacked by the Bhorkenbyg, our party regroups to prepare themselves before trying to breach the metal wall, again.

Craddock rallies folks to work on various projects, such as:

  • Fishing
  • Making crude spears
  • Testing and maybe eating the glowing growth
  • Boiling more water to start a water supply
  • Making shields out of animal remnants
  • Performing testing and research on the vats
  • Deploying more webbing to protect the “vat chamber”

Our party also ventures outside to try to get some more food. While hunting, they are surrounding by a small pack of Wohrgnaal, which overwhelm them with foul stench before trying to overwhelm them with numbers. Craddock summons a pair of Kunahik and a flock of flying birds to assist, and then pulls Kerzek into the air, after he struggles a bit with fighting off the group that is closing in on him. Hallus uses a concoction to stun the Wohrgnaal, but also scares some of the birds away, too.

The party is able to take down a couple Wohrgnaal before the rest run off. They harvest what meat they can, trying to avoid it becoming tainted by the animals’ foul-scent producing glands.

After returning the meat to the Vat Chamber “camp” and having some food and water, they prepare to breach the metal wall, again. The door they had been trying to enter before is blocking with various refuse, the same type that was underwater in Dectacles’s lair. Using glowing lights, and having Craddock fly around, they make sure that no more creatures have the drop on them.

They avoid the blocked portal/door, and check the other. After discovering a simple pattern, touching it causes the door to slide open. A sour smell wafts out from beyond the door.

It’s dark. They check inside, and immediately an intense blast of light strikes the ground, barely missing them. It scorches and leaves a mark in the metal ground. They try tossing in more bioluminescent globes, to catch a better glimpse of the situation. These, too, are quickly blasted and destroyed.

They clear the other door, and come up with a plan. Recruiting the help of the fastest in their group, they test the metal creature? device? that is emitting the light beams. While Arliv runs, Craddock tries to pin the opponent with a glaive, and Hallus splashes it with an acidic concoction. The device repeatedly tries to blast Arliv, but Hallus and Craddock are able to destroy it before it can do so.

The group steps away, to once again, regroup.


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