Eclipse Fate


Wherein our cast investigate the chamber with the metal bridge and wall.

Having uncovered the strange new area, our characters to decide to explore it and see about getting some water and food.

Throwing bioluminescent spheres about the chamber (and sticking them to the surfaces), as well as having Craddock fly around and inspect things, they find out a few things.

  • At the top of the “waterfall” the glow is coming from a type of algae, fungus, or moss that is growing profusely
  • The waterfall isn’t very much water actually, and seems to be being pulled up from below before trickling in a thin but wide stream over the edge and into the pool and stream below
  • There are pale, translucent fish that swim in the pool, and appear to eat the glowing growth
  • The metal wall across the bridge has a couple of what appear to be doorways, as well as a great amount of geometric patterns and lines at various parts

As they are investigating, some strange events happen. First, a small “wedge” flies up from the water and lands on the ledge near them. Later, a sphere. Finally, a piece of rope. As they investigate (and Craddock goes spear-fishing), they encounter a roughly person-sized cephalopod in the water, which has been throwing the items at? to? near? them.

Later, as Craddock approaches the water, the cephalopod comes out of the water and closely mimics the shape and coloration of Craddock, molding it’s 10 tentacles into the shape of Craddock’s limbs and legs, and it’s body into the shape of Craddock’s head and torso. They tentatively name it “Dectacles”.

They test some of the water and fish, and find that they are both safe and palatable, so a little bit of nourishment reaches the people, who are quickly becoming famished. Hallus uses the glowing remnants in the fishes stomach (from the growth in the cave) to make the rope glow. He throws it to “Dectacles”, who investigates it and later throws it back.

Next, they decide to try to enter one of the doorways on the metal wall, but as they do so, some ten-foot wide monstrous bugs fall out of holes in the wall above, pouncing on the party. They battle the Bhorkenbyg. The Bhorkenbyg fight in teams, trying to pin and bite the party, but the group brings the battle to the bridge, where they are able to knock the Bhorkenbyg into the water. A satisfying “crunch” noise is heard shortly after each splash, and Hallus sees bits of Bhorkenbyg floating away, as he hears Dectacles munch on the remains.

Finally, as they decide to avoid the portals, for now, a gland flies up out of the water, landing near Hallus. He takes it to use for later.


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